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Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

For a long time, employers have been talking about hiring intelligent people, people with a high IQ, or intelligence quotient. But in the past two decades, focus has shifted from IQ to EQ, or emotional quotient. Employers now seek people who are not only intelligent, but emotionally intelligent. EQ has now become the buzzword, not…

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The gift of CREATIVITY

“Just as our eyes need light in order to see, our minds need ideas in order to conceive.” — Napoleon Hill Some problems cannot be solved using the standard problem solving approaches. These problems require innovativeness or creativity in order to arrive at a solution. Thus, creativity involves finding a solution that is both unusual…

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing the Recruitment Process

In today’s scenario where everything has become fast paced, where competition has become global, unemployment rates are high, where the demand of skilled and talented people is more but the supply is less, where turnover and absenteeism has gone up in employees it has become extremely important that companies choose wisely and recruit the ‘right’…

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Five steps to take the risk out of recruitment

In today’s corporate setup a lot of effort goes into the process of recruitment and hiring. Training, grooming, mentoring and handholding are the other processes that follow consequently. After all this work that goes into getting new recruits on board, if they either prove to be incompetent or if they suddenly choose to leave the…

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