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Are Sales People Born or Made???

Sales and marketing is an important pivot of any business or organization. After all, if an organization is unable to sell what it produces / offers, the business will come to a standstill. Which is why having the right people on your sales team is so crucial. Opinions are divided on whether “selling” is part…

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In today’s fast paced world, we often talk about juggling various professional and personal responsibilities. It needs to be understood that the balance that we talk about is a feeling of fulfilling one’s important roles appropriately. However, all of us at some point or the other face imbalance or conflicts in our struggle to juggle a…

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Want to make a smooth college to career transition? Sharpen your vital competencies from now! We have heard often enough how competitive today’s occupational world is, and how tough it is to survive and thrive in this competition. True enough! Knowing this , is there something we can do right from our college days to get…

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What’s Your Integrity?

Increasingly, organizations are looking to hire not just employees having the right skills sets, right leadership potential and right capabilities, but also those who show high levels of integrity and commitment to the organization. Employee integrity has become a key phrase, as every organisation today realizes that no matter what potential an individual brings to…

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Relevance of Psychometric Assessment in Today’s Competitive Corporate World

That the human resource is the most critical for an organisation’s efficient functioning, has long been a management truism. That this resource is also an organisation’s most challenging and difficult to manage, is a more covertly, yet universally accepted idea as well! Organisations have now begun to realise the importance of correct recruitment and deployment…

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5 parameters a candidate should pass through while being evaluated on a Psychometric test

In today’s global scenario, across industries, psychometric tests are widely used to help during recruitment and selection process, during appraisals and promotions, and in training and development of employees. Psychometric tests are objective and standardized tools and hence they help an employer create a level playing and fair field for all the employees that he…

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