Do You Have What It Takes For a Maritime Career

Pratik had always been keen in a maritime career. The lure of the sea, the glamour of a seafaring job, and the allure of earning big money all attracted him to a career in shipping. After completing his class 12, he enrolled for deck cadet training, and soon enough, was selected by a prestigious shipping company. 4 months on the ship, however, were an eye-opener for Pratik. While his comrades were fun and supportive, the sheer hard work, the long separation from parents and friends, the lack of a social life all got to him immensely. As he came home depressed and demotivated, he vowed never again to step on a ship.

Like Pratik, many youngsters are attracted to a maritime career due to its many promises: adventure, travel, glamour and money! Indeed, a seafaring career often is adventurous, fun and rewarding – for the right people! One needs to have a certain frame of mind, a few critical personality tests, and considerable emotional resilience to sustain and enjoy a seafaring career.

So What Does a Career in the Maritime Industry Call For?

  • Ability to Work in Teams: As a seafarer, one should be able to work in a cooperative and collaborative manner. Connecting easily to others, adapting to the needs and requirements of people around us, ability to trust people and share an easygoing relationship are all critical to be a happy and well-adjusted seafarer. On sea, the crew is your family, and being able to get along well and work harmoniously takes on a different shade in this context.
  • Strong Work Ethic: In simple words, if you like to laze around and shirk work, a seafaring career is not for you! As a seafarer, you need to be able to work independently as well as with a team, you need to be confident about your capabilities, methodical and meticulous in your work. Resourcefulness and the ability to take initiative are also necessary traits to be a successful seafarer.
  • Leadership Traits: While team work is important, having leadership qualities is equally important in this profession. No matter at what level of the hierarchy you are in, you need to show the ability to take charge in a crisis situation, to be able to handle any situation in a calm and focused manner. Setting high goals for yourself, and working confidently toward achieving those will go a long way to decide your long term sustenance in this profession.

If you are keen on a seafaring career, and you have these traits, go ahead and take the plunge! If you are unsure about whether you have these qualities, opt for the SeaPert, a unique psychometric assessment tool that profiles your suitability for a career in the maritime industry.

To know more about the Seapert, click here Seafarers Test

Ms. Samindara Hardikar – Sawant
Clinical Psychologist
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