Measure Integrity for a Safer and Trustworthy Workplace with the I-Test from Psychometrica

In today’s corporate landscape, maintaining integrity within organizations is of utmost importance. Without a strong foundation of honesty and character among employees, scandals and scams can quickly undermine businesses. Protecting intellectual property, addressing privacy concerns, and ensuring customer safety are all critical aspects that demand the hiring of individuals with unwavering integrity.

Introducing the I-Test, a comprehensive psychometric assessment designed to measure the integrity of employees and potential hires. There are two versions of this test:

I-Test Standard

  • Crafted for employees ranging from entry-level clerical positions to top-level management.
  • Evaluates dimensions such as self-control, conscientiousness, dependability, and ethics
  • Helps you identify individuals who exemplify the highest standards of character

I-Test Basic

  • Designed especially for blue-collar workers,
  • Caters to employees with minimal educational backgrounds
  • Ensures that your entire workforce upholds the same commitment to ethics and values

What the I-Test Measures

  • Self Control: Measures an individual’s ability to manage impulses and maintain self-discipline.
  • Conscientiousness: Evaluates the degree of diligence, reliability, and responsibility displayed by employees.
  • Dependability: Assesses the extent to which individuals can be relied upon to fulfill their commitments.
  • Ethics and Values: Measures the alignment of an employee’s actions and decisions with ethical principles and organizational values.

Benefits of the I-Test

The benefits of the I-Test are vast and impactful. By implementing this assessment, your organization can:

  • Select high-integrity employees
  • Reduce costs
  • Gain self-knowledge
  • Build a positive culture

With 45 thoughtfully designed items, the Integrity Test can be completed in approximately 20 minutes, making it efficient for both employers and employees.

Don’t compromise on integrityβ€”make it a priority. Implement the I-Test by Psychometrica to foster a safer, more trustworthy workplace where ethics and values flourish.


About psychometrica

Psychometrica has an experienced and trained team of psychologists who have developed the range of psychometric assessments.

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